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China is the home of the world’s highest quality teas, with over 5000 years history of tea growing.

And all this time, they’ve kept just about all of it to themselves.


“Tea is very important to the Chinese. It is not just the process of tea-making and drinking… it is so much more. The sharing, the emotions, the enjoyment of togetherness.

Attic tea was developed by the Tea Research Institute of Kaihua County, located in Western Zhejiang, China, which is a stunning mountainous area, framed by lush green fields.


High quality organic Chinese tea has been very difficult to find in New Zealand until now.

Discover the secret with ATTIC

All the tea in China.

Product Information

In general, tea supplied to the New Zealand market is from the sub-continent, which is a hangover from British rule and traditional trade routes.


By comparison, ATTIC teas stand out as a quality leaf tea.

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