PARKERS New Zealand Juice is pure 100% apple juice that doesn’t contain any added ingredients or sugar. The apples are sourced locally in the Hawkes Bay, New Zealand’s leading Apple growing region. This is due to its fertile soils, high sunshine hours and an abundance of clean and pure artesian water. The apples are crushed and then packaged right here in Whakatu Hawkes Bay.

Our juice is the first authentic New Zealand juice product to be launched in NZ in a bag in box format.

The benefits of bag in box packaging include:


- Increased product stability and quality.

- After opening, bag in box juice can last for up to 3 months.

- Concise storage in fridge or on a shelf.

- Easy to handle.

- Ease of use due to the tap.

- 100% recyclable.

The PARKERS New Zealand brand offers pure artesian water and authentic apple juice.

You can find our products at leading retailers throughout New Zealand.

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