Ō PURE Artesian Water is bottled at source in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Artesian water refers to water courses that flows and is naturally filtered underground. We tap this pristine resource from our own bore in Whakatu Hawkes Bay, and fill, right here at the source, without any human contact.


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Best estimates indicate Ō PURE New Zealand Artesian Water has been naturally filtering for around 250,000 years, which results in water with pure taste and soft texture.


Did you know?


The measure of a waters natural purity is its TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS (TDS). Ō PURE New Zealand Artesian Water has a total TDS of 86 ppm which is amongst the lowest of any packaged water in the world. Indeed, some international waters are measured in the 1000’s of ppm, so less than 100 is actually extremely rare.”

On the pH scale, Ō PURE New Zealand Artesian Water is alkaline at 7.6 pH.

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