The PARKERS New Zealand brand offers Eco Friendlier ways to serve customers,

including pure artesian water and authentic apple juice.

You can find our products at leading retailers throughout New Zealand.


Aluminium cans at EVENTS eliminates plastic bottled water and is far better for our precious environment. More and more organisers are coming on board with canned water for concerts, festivals and events!

PARKERS New Zealand Water is packaged and produced at source in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

PARKERS New Zealand Water is produced in the environmentally-friendly 10 Litre bag in box format and in 330ml aluminium cans. We believe the throw-away nature of bottled water has a serious impact on our environment, so we have taken a stand, and made a significant change.

PARKERS New Zealand Water is Artesian Water. Artesian water refers to water courses that flows and is naturally filtered underground. We tap this pristine resource from our own bore, and fill, at source, without any human contact.


PARKERS New Zealand water is captured at a place where is has been naturally filtering for an estimated 250,000 years, which is why it is has such a great taste and texture.


“Did you know - the measure of a waters natural purity is its TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS (TDS).

PARKERS New Zealand water has a total TDS of 86 ppm which is amongst the lowest of any packaged water in the world. Indeed, some international waters are measured in the 1000’s of ppm, so less than 100 is actually extremely rare.”

Further, PARKERS New Zealand Water is alkaline at 7.6 pH


Why BAG in BOX?

For home-office-workplace-emergency storage, PARKERS Bag in Box is the ideal bulk water.

  • Full 2 year shelf life, from date of fill

  • Best in class for efficient storage / stacking, occupies the smallest amount of space.

  • Each Bag in Box has its own tap, so ready for use wherever you are. No need for cradles or stands!

  • As light is the enemy for long term storage, the Bag in Box is ideal as light is eliminated. Hence the full two year shelf life.

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