Bottled at source in Hawkes Bay. PARKERS 330ml Cans in both pure Still and Sparkling are an environmentally friendly, recyclable alternative to single use plastic.

Great for functions, events, concerts, accomodation or anywhere that single use water consumption is an option.

Parkers Water: Canned Sparkling & Still

Still or Sparkling
  • The team at Parkers believe in producing eco friendlier beverage options such as: - PARKERS WATER: Cans, glass and bag & box (sparkling & still).

    Your purchase includes 24 cans per case of either sparkling or still. They will arrive at your doorstep in a cardboard box that you can use to start a fire, slide down a hill or draw pretty pictures on. The cans can be recycled - which is WAY better than plastic. GREAT choices!

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