PARKERS Beverage Company exclusively distributes Pure Plus My Aloe Drinks within New Zealand.


Pure Plus have been specializing in premium Aloe Vera drinks for 20 years, and has launched more than 100 Aloe Vera drinks to the world, using the best Aloe Vera pulp and fruit to produce great tasting juices.

The Pure Plus range of MY ALOE drinks are available in the 1500ml Bottle size.

Flavours Available Include: Original, Sugar Free, Mango, Pomegranate, Coco and Pineapple.

Pure Plus: My Aloe

My Aloe
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  • Your purchase will include 12 x 1L PET reusable bottles of the flavour that you choose. You can refill and reuse these bottles or recycle. They are packaged into a cardboard box that you can use for lighting fires, drawing on or sliding down your neighbours grassy hill! 

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